We turned Rice-A-Roni’s Heat & Eat launch party into a “microrave.” It got tasty.

Project Overview

Cue the turntable: Microwavable rice is finally hot.

Microwavable rice has been around since 1996. A quarter of a century later, Roni released their Heat & Eat line; setting a new standard for “instant” anything. A (marketing) comeback was in order. To re-launch a beloved brand into the zeitgeist, we knew we had to go where no film crew has gone before: the inside of a microwave. Don’t expect something flavorful to come out of a microwave? Consider yourself mistaken after you follow us into the kitchen’s hottest new venue: “the micro-rave.” With Heat & Eat on the turntable, this family of 3 is in for a grain-changing night full of flavor.


Brand Strategy

Creative Direction

Creative Production

Microrave :15

Dad :06

Rice-A-Roni Jingle

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