We All Have Our Reasons

We turned Peloton inside out to shed an exclusive past.

Project Overview

We set out to grow the positive impression of the Peloton brand, by showing what we’re really about for the first time ever.

In 2020, Peloton’s brand perception was at a multi-year low. From the outside looking in, the company seemed exclusive and made people wonder whether it was for them. For Peloton to grow, it had to change how people saw it. That's why 'We All Have Our Reasons', the company's first global brand campaign, featured real Peloton members, in their real homes, sharing the very real reasons they ride.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Design

Creative Direction

Creative Production

Content/Social Strategy

Brand Campaign (:30)

We All Have Our Reasons (:30)

Brand Campaign Case Reel (2:44)