The New Normal

We helped MedMen create the first cannabis commercial. Ever.


The New Normal

Address the stigma around cannabis head on by taking people on a journey from counterculture to culture, ultimately painting a picture of a brighter future.



Grow the MedMen brand within a category that has been stigmatized for most of our lifetimes.


1 in 5 Americans report having used marijuana at least once in the last year, according to the CDC. Although the marijuana industry was booming, existing brands focused on fluff benefits and turned a blind eye to the industry’s biggest barrier to long-term growth – stigma.


Cannes Lions

Bronze, Film Craft: Art Direction / Production Design

Webby Awards

Winner, Advertising, Media & PR: Best Art Direction

One Show

Merit Award, Moving Image Craft

ADC Awards

Bronze, Motion / Film Craft - Short Video

AICP Show Awards

Winner, Cinematography