Reach Your Impossible

Changing perception of the "new kid on the block" in the gaming world.


Reach Your Impossible.

The relentlessness of our gamers, unwavering

in pursuit of their gaming dreams. And the unrelenting way Lenovo Legion pushes the technological envelope and achieves gaming breakthroughs.

This ethos affects all that the organization says and does in every market it operates in*. From product launches to sponsorships to content to brand advertising to internal comms, employer branding and more.



Legion had made waves since bursting onto the PC gaming scene 6 years ago, developing well reviewed first-of-their-kind PCs.

But the highly discerning "Immersed Gamer" audience still saw Legion as the “new kid on the block.” Less credible, less cool, less high performing than established category leaders like RAZER, ROG and Alienware.


Gamers have a special kind of fire within them. They think like professional athletes.

Get knocked down? They’re excited to run it back and play it again. Achieve a stunning victory? No time to rest, because better is always possible.

Reach Your Impossible