Lindsay Harris
Episode 61

A Purpose Beyond Profits | Lindsay Harris, Chief Purpose Officer at Tombras

Lindsay Harris

Chief Purpose Officer, Tombras

A Purpose Beyond Profits

All companies have a purpose. For most, it’s turning a profit and increasing overall value. However, today’s definition of value is changing. More and more customers are looking for brands that take social responsibility seriously and offer a mission beyond profits. 

Today, I’m sitting down with a very special guest – my wife, Lindsay Harris – to talk about what it means to be a purpose-driven company. She is the Chief Purpose Officer at Tombras, an impact-driven creative agency that has created campaigns for FritoLay, ESPN, and Samsung, among many other iconic brands. 

Before Tombras, Lindsay was the Editor at Campaign Magazine and a reporter for Ad Age and currently leads the relationship with the agency and the Tombras School of Advertising & PR at the University of Tennessee.