Will Bowen
Episode 70

The Soul & Science of Starting a Movement | Founder of The Complaint Free Movement Will Bowen

Will Bowen

Founder of The Complaint Free Movement

The Soul & Science of Starting a Movement

In this episode, we look into the Soul & Science of starting a movement. Small actions done consistently can have profound effects on our lives. The real challenge is doing those things every day. Something the majority of us seem to have no issues doing almost everyday is complaining. While complaining about this, that, and whatever comes to mind is easy, the negativity can block your focus, creativity, and productivity. 

This week, we’re talking with Will Bowen, who’s working on unlocking the secrets of positivity with his complaint-free movement. Will started his career as an advertising executive for Yellowpages, but even back then, he felt a passion for speaking and helping people discover a better way to live. In 2006, Will challenged 250 people to break the destructive habit of complaining by going 21 days in a row without speaking a single complaint. Now, almost 20 years later, he’s still traveling the country as a keynote speaker and working to change the lives and minds of thousands of professionals. His International best-selling book “A Complaint Free World” has sold nearly 4 million copies in 40 countries.