Quaker Lites

Really Gosh Darn Tasty

We helped Quaker Lite Snacks showcase reactions to the flavor of their rice chips in a gosh, darn earnest way.

Project Overview

Snacks so tasty, you’ll almost swear by em’.

In a world where people express shock — and even joy — with expletives, we had to find a wholesome loophole where folks could showcase the "wow" moment of eating Quaker Rice Chips. The result? “Quakerpletives.” A batch of almost swear words and phrases that allowed us to inject humor into the campaign and help folks exclaim their excitement in a gosh, darn, earnest way, for a famously wholesome brand.


Brand Strategy

Creative Direction

Creative Production

Farmhouse Cheddar :15

Sour Cream & Chive :15

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