Michael Kaye
Episode 43

OkCupid Director of Brand Marketing & Communications Michael Kaye | Reaching the LGBTQ+ Community

Michael Kaye

Director of Branding & Communications, OkCupid & Archer

Reaching the LGBTQ+ Community

In celebration of Pride month, we’re taking some time to focus on brands that both address and uplift the LGBTQ+ community. 

Maybe the most inclusive dating app out there is OkCupid. Michael Kaye is the Director of Brand Marketing & Communications at OkCupid and now Archer, which you’ll learn about today, both under the Match Group umbrella. Michael leads communications, influencer marketing and social media. And since being there, he has secured more press for the brand than any other year since it launched in 2004, and got OkCupid data mentioned in a White House press briefing.