Junior Pence & Amanda Knappman
Episode 44

Peace Out Skincare Co-founder Junior Pence and SVP of Global Marketing Amanda Knappman | Be an Ally 365 Days a Year

Junior Pence & Amanda Knappman

Co-Founder & VP of Global Marketing


Be an Ally 365 Days a Year

You’ve probably seen Peace Out Skincare at Sephora or Target, it’s hard to miss. And their most well-known product is their pimple patches. Today, I’m talking with Co-founder and CMO Junior Pence and Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Amanda Knopmann about the founding of the brand and their commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Over the past 20 years, Junior has worked for or with inspiring companies and people across the fashion, eyewear, entertainment and music space. 

Amanda has a passion for puzzles and people, and has worked with brands like COVERGIRL, Max Factor, and Skinfix.