Are you a curious and creative storyteller? Do you have a gut full of business instincts, and a nose for what’s next?
Do your skills qualify you for any of the positions listed below?
If you answered: “YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!!” to any of these questions, you may have what it takes to become a Mekanista.


Position Location Description
Project Manager Seattle If your friends consider you the master planner and anal one, boy do we have a job for you.
Finance Coordinator San Francisco Do you eat, sleep and breathe numbers but get mad when someone assumes that finance people are boring? Do you consider working excel is actually a creative endeavor? Are your sleeves rolled up right now and are you wearing more than one hat?
Assistant Editor San Francisco Do you live, eat and breathe to make stuff? Do you have to explain to your parents what an editor does and that you can actually pay off your student loans by doing it?
Talent Manager San Francisco Find the right fits. Make people happy. Keep people happy.
Project Manager New York The peace keeper. The consummate list maker. The Creative's BFF.


Don’t see a job you’re looking suited for? We still want to work with you. Email your resume to, or if you're a Creative, hit up with your portfolio, and we’ll keep it on file.