Are you a curious and creative storyteller? Do you have a gut full of business instincts, and a nose for what’s next?
Do your skills qualify you for any of the positions listed below?
If you answered: “YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!!” to any of these questions, you may have what it takes to become a Mekanista.


Position Location Description
Director of Social Strategy New York Are you a social media maven with a passion for all things digital?
Community Manager New York Do we really need a description for this? If you don't know what a Community Manager does, you probably shouldn't be applying. Or go spend some more time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Director of Social Strategy Chicago Do you live and breathe social media?
Senior Strategic Planner Chicago Calling all curious, collaborative, creative thinkers!
Senior Strategic Planner Seattle Are you are part anthropologist, part business thinker, part planner and part trend watcher?
Project Manager Seattle Your nicknames: Multiple hat wearer, snake charmer, magician, anal-to-a-T, master juggler.
Brand Manager Seattle Can you manage a brand? Do the words “strategy”, “innovation”, “nimble”, and “Mekanism” excite you?
New Business Manager San Francisco Are you a pitch guru?
Producer San Francisco You’ve had a controller in your hands for years and know what it takes to get a game out the door on budget and on time.
Senior Brand Manager San Francisco Fond of wine and building relationships near and far?


Don’t see a job you’re looking suited for? We still want to work with you. Email your resume to, or if you're a Creative, hit up with your portfolio, and we’ll keep it on file.